Powerhouse designs the future of housing for America. Our designers of zero energy homes create dwellings that are very comfortable and pleasant to live in and produce all their own energy.

Our Story

As pioneers of the positive-energy concept, we design homes that not only produce enough renewable energy to eliminate heating and electrical bills but can also power an electric car for thousands of miles per year. In fact, our sister company TC Legend Homes has built more 100% solar-powered homes than any other builder in the Pacific Northwest. We are passionate about sustainability, and we believe in openly sharing our knowledge to help make a carbon-neutral future a reality.

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Our design ideals

Smart Layout

Compact homes save costs. Space is intelligently and generously allocated.

Solar Harvest

Our designs harness the sun’s warmth and light for bright interiors and comfortable year-round temperatures.

Future Proof

Heavy insulation provides shelter from extreme temperatures. Air filtration protects against poor outdoor air quality.


Solid materials, deep eaves, and no roof valleys allow our homes to age gracefully and hold their resale value.

More than designers of zero energy homes

We are drawn to people with a passion for doing things diferently, who dream big and see possibilities beyond the status quo. When you work with us, you get a team that shares your commitment to pushing the performance envelope, that is personally committed to making your home everything you dreamed it could be.

Our Team

Talia Dreicer

Design Project Manager & BIM Specialist

I have always been interested in building design, architecture, the environment, and renewable energy. When I had the opportunity to combine those interests in the form of an undergraduate course called Energy Efficient and Carbon Neutral Design, I jumped at the chance. After that course, I caught the net-zero building bug. I’m excited to be making an impact on people’s lives and our environment through designing comfortable, affordable, and efficient homes as a member of the TC Legend Homes team! When not working on house designs, I enjoy trail running, climbing, skiing, and spending time with friends and family.

Jake Evans


I draw plans. The best days progress our housing model towards greater energy efficiency. Either with new shapes, technology, materials, or ways of occupying these enclosures. The next day, we push it further. I hold a BA in architecture from Manchester School of Architecture. Occasionally I get out of the office to bend some nails, run a digger, and hang out with our building crew, who are wonderful fellas. Like all Powerhouse folks, I run, ski, kayak, climb, etcetera in the Cascades and try to be home in time for dinner.

Norm DesRosiers


I have always loved working with my hands. I built my first cabin when I was 14. It’s still there on my dad’s homestead in southeast Alaska. I always craved the ability to build sustainable homes. To do what I love in a way that benefits the earth and future generations just feels right. When I’m not planting trees in the back yard, I’m adventuring in the mountains or on the ocean with my two daughters and my lovely wife. I certainly live a charmed life.

Ted Clifton

Founder, Co-Owner

When I was a teenager, my dad couldn’t keep me away from the building site. I started working for his construction company at 15 while taking night classes through the running start program. I love the process of drafting a family’s dream home and turning it into a real home. Building net-zero carbon homes adds another level of purpose and sustainability. When I am not building, I like to go on adventures with my three kids, skiing, biking and camping.

Our Awards

2022 U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards Grand Winner, >2,500 SF Custom Category

2021 U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards Grand Winner, >2,500 SF Custom Category

2020 U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards Winner, <3,000 SF Custom Category

2020 SIPA Building Excellence Awards, Category and Overall High Performance Winner

2020 SIPA Building Excellence Awards, High Performance Honorable Mention

2019 U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards Winner, Custom Category

2019 Built Green Hammer Award, “Builder, Small Custom, less than 10 homes”

2018 Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) “Cross Border Challenge” award for Net Zero American Home Builder

2018 U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards Winner, Custom Category

2018 Built Green Hammer Award, “Project of the Year”

2018 SIPA Building Excellence Awards, First Place Winner, High Performance Category

2015 U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards Winner, Custom Category

2015 Green Builder Magazine Home of the Year Award, Alternative Building Category

2015 Structural Insulated Panel Association Building Excellence Awards Overall Competition Winner

2014 U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards Grand Winner, Affordable Builder Category

2013 U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards Winner, Affordable Builder Category

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