Zero Energy Building Process

When it comes to building a home, everyone’s process is slightly different. We’ve outlined the typical steps our clients go through to build their net-zero home. If you have questions about how the process will work for your unique situation, we are always happy to help. We offer consulting services on an hourly basis.


Select a Planset

Option A: Readymade Planset

Choose a plan that suits you well. Buy the review set so you can gather preliminary bids from contractors or discuss with your permitting jurisdiction.

Option B: Modified Planset

If you find a planset that’s nearly right for you but needs some alteration, or perhaps you need a garage or a porch added, then buy the review set and get in touch. We can amend your plans at our hourly drafting rate. When finished you will have a full construction planset.

Option C: Full Custom Design

If none of our plans fit your concept, please consider our custom design service. When finished you will have a full construction planset.



Option A: Washington State

Your plans need the structural system to be engineered for your location. If you are in the state of Washington, then Powerhouse can arrange for our professional engineer (PE) to run the calculations and stamp your planset.

Option B: Other States

If you are in another state, we can direct you to an appropriate engineer, and if needed, we will help with the process.



Before breaking ground, you will need several permits, including a construction permit. Depending on your location, your jurisdiction may require stormwater site plans, energy code documents, and possibly other third-party reporting. You can use a local permit tech, an architect, or your contractor to obtain construction permits. Powerhouse may be able to obtain construction permits for you if you don’t have a local permit tech.



Depending on your construction team, your build should take about nine months from start to finish, and then you can relax in your new net-zero home. If your site happens to be within one hour of Bellingham, Washington, our sister company TC Legend Homes can build your home for you.

Some services may not be available for certain regions, climate zones, and jurisdictions within the continental United States. Contact us today to see if we can assist you in your jurisdiction.

Custom design & consultation

Do you want an efficient home that is tailored to your lifestyle and needs? Let our award-winning team of net-zero design experts develop plans that are in harmony with your budget and building site. We also offer consultation services to support you at any stage of your homebuilding journey.