Custom net-zero home design

If you’ve looked through our plans and can’t find a perfect match, then we invite you to consider our custom design service, which we bill at our standard rate of $95 per hour. We will work with you to either refine an existing building plan or to develop an entirely new building to meet all your requirements, fit your site, and express your unique vision.

Design Phases

Our custom design process lets you achieve your net-zero vision

Scope Phase

We want your home to exceed your expectations, so we take the time to get to know your budget and requirements but also your desires and preferences. You complete a detailed questionnaire, and we video-meet with you to discuss your requirements and understand your lot. We will draw a siteplan.

Designing Floorplans & Sections

We draw your new house with software that allows you to walk through it like a video game. You can experience your new house in 3D. We have had great success with this approach, which allows everyone to understand what is being proposed. We critique the house together, make changes, and repeat the process until we’re finished. Powerhouse then produces the plans, sections, and elevations.

Structural Engineering

Your plans need the structural system to be engineered for your location. If you are in the state of Washington, Powerhouse will arrange for our professional engineer (PE) to run the calculations and stamp your planset. If you are in another state, we can direct you to an appropriate engineer,
and, if needed, we will help with the process.

Finalize Plans

Powerhouse produces a set of plans that shows the construction of the building with all details. These plans are formatted to go to your jurisdiction for construction permitting. Depending on your lot and your location, your jurisdiction may require sophisticated stormwater site plans, energy code documents, or other third-party reporting. Some civil engineering may be involved. You can use a local permit tech, an architect, or your contractor to obtain construction permits. Powerhouse can support you through this and can undertake the entire permitting process if you choose.


Why choose Powerhouse for your custom net zero home design?


We have been designing net-zero homes for more than ten years. With 30+ homes built by our sister company, TC Legend Homes, our designs have been extensively tested.

Award Winning

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded us more than any other designer and builder of net-zero housing in the United States. We have further awards from the regional Built Green organization and the industry SIPA awards. We are the acknowledged experts in single-family net-zero housing design and build in the Pacific Northwest.

Industry Leading

The Powerhouse designers regularly speak at industry events and sit on roundtables to share our knowledge. Notably, we are currently testing new software that measures the quantity of CO2 embodied in our buildings so we can aim for net zero embodied carbon, in addition to net zero operational carbon.


We are dedicated to seeing your project succeed. We always answer the phone, and we always reply to email.


We love our home! This team knows their stuff and worked closely with us to create a space that fit our needs and our budget… Everyone was fantastic to work with and really helped us out when we had permitting issues with the county. The fnal product is beautiful as well as eco-friendly and efficient, and we love living in it.

Jennifer and Brandon Worrell
Redmond, WA

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