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Are you interested in calculating the emissions profile of your building? Do you want to understand the emissions associated with the manufacturing of your product? Are you interested in learning to use whole building life cycle assessment tools, or have questions about emission reduction strategies and embodied carbon in buildings? We’re here to help!

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What is Embodied Carbon?

Embodied carbon is the sum of greenhouse gas emissions produced over the lifetime of a material. For buildings, you can think of it as the emissions that are produced to create the parts of the building, encompassing all emissions that occur before it is a functional building and after the building is no longer being used. This includes all emissions from material production and building construction as well as emissions produced during demolition and waste management. In contrast, the operational carbon of a building is the emissions produced in order to heat, cool, and electrify the building over its lifetime. It is critical to understand both the embodied emissions and the operational emissions in order to reduce a building’s total environmental impact.


Embodied Carbon Consultation Services


We handle all the embodied carbon calculations of your product so you don’t have to!

Data Analysis

We stay up to date with the latest embodied carbon databases, saving you money and time on investing into new programs. 


Whether you’re applying for Built Green certifications or finding your baseline, we help you every step of the way.


Our passionate emissions reduction specialist is here to educate you and your team about Embodied Carbon, or speak at an event!

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More than designers of zero energy homes

As a company that strives to create a healthy future for all, it is our responsibility to do our part in the next 10 years. By expanding our focus to better address our home’s “now” emissions through modeling and decreasing our embodied carbon, we are working to be a part of the necessary change. By tackling the biggest issues and working to refine our model to achieve excellence in both areas of home emissions is our newest goal. We hope that through education of the public and adjustment within our own building model, we can help lead the building industry in the right direction. 


Meet Your Consultant!

Talia Dreicer

Lead Emissions Reduction Specialist & Carbon Consultant

Contact:  Talia@TCLegendHomes.com

Talia is our Embodied Carbon expert, leading TC Legend Homes upfront emission reductions! Talia is passionate about all things building science and whole building emissions accounting with an interest in shaping the future of the built environment through green building design. With a BS in Energy Science and Technology and a BA in Economics from Western Washington University, Talia’s education informs her goals of optimizing building designs for embodied carbon, operational carbon and cost. Talia is eager to share her knowledge with others through consulting and speaking opportunities such as the 2023 Built Green Conference, the Sustainable Connections Building Decarbonization Tech Talk Series and the SIPA Annual Expo & Conference. In addition to her consulting work, Talia designs comfortable, affordable, and efficient homes as a member of the Powerhouse Designs team! When not working on emissions reduction strategies or house designs, Talia enjoys trail running, backpacking, skiing and spending time with friends and family.

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